Cheap Ink Is Now Live

The Cheap Ink website has been launched today.  We do not sell ink cartridges ourselves, but we aim to help you find the cheapest ink cartridges for your printer.

We have conducted an extensive survey of the ink cartridges available in New Zealand and here you will find our recommendations for the cheapest ink cartridges you can buy.  Whether it is genuine cartridges, compatible cartridges or remanufactured cartridges you want to buy, we have reviewed them all.  Find out which represents the best value for money, which provide the best quality and most importantly who has cheap ink cartridges at the lowest prices.

We would also like you to share your feedback when dealing with a supplier on our list and add your comments about where you have found the best deals.  In this way the site will remain up to date with the latest information as well as being a fantastic resource for everyone looking for cheap ink cartridges.

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