Re-manufactured Ink

Re manufactured ink cartridges are a great way of reducing printing costs, they are generally priced around 30 percent cheaper than genuine ink cartridges, plus they are great for the environment! Re manufacturers refill depleted cartridges which keeps thousands of tonnes of industrial grade plastic and metals from ending up in landfills each year.

Genuine cartridge manufacturers will claim that re manufactured cartridges can result in damaged print heads, ink leaks, and inferior output. It is hard to ascertain where genuine ink manufacturers interests lie whether it is in protecting print quality or protecting their own profits. Of course re manufacturers would argue differently, after 15 years as an industry they are more than qualified to compete on quality and price.

Do not get confused between refills and re manufactured ink cartridges the difference being re manufacturers do not simply refill depleted cartridges but actually have a stringent process where they inspect the cartridges to determine which can be refurbished into high quality printer supplies and which ones are destined to be recycled. The cartridges that make the cut are then cleaned, digitally filled, assembled, and then sealed before undergoing strict post production testing to guarantee consumers get their money worth in print quality and page yield.

Many of the suppliers that sell compatible ink cartridges will sell re manufactured cartridges for the more complex cartridge models. Because of this our results for re-manufactured cartridges are very similar to compatible cartridges with affordableink being the cheapest by far. Wholesaletoner had very little stock and high prices and same again with ink-direct.


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