Genuine Ink

Genuine ink cartridges are manufactured by printer manufacturers such as Brother, Canon, Epson, HP or Lexmark. Obviously these are a safe choice, if you don’t mind spending a little bit extra you will find these a hassle free option.  Not only do they reduce the number of faulty cartridges you will encounter, they also give better quality photo printing, a gloss effect which is difficult to mimic and the photos can last near a lifetime.

When purchasing individual genuine cartridges from stores you will find there is very little difference in price.  Most of the big names in office supplies carry a large selection so finding the right one to fit your printer is usually easy, however if you do run into trouble we would recommend The Warehouse Stationery or Office Max, they seem to have the largest selection in stock as well as stores across New Zealand.

Of course you could always try an online retailer however it is unlikely you will find them any cheaper than in stores.  Also be careful not to overlook shipping costs or GST as some online retailers do not make this obvious and you can quickly find yourself paying more and waiting longer for the same product you can buy from your local store.

The real difference in the price of genuine ink cartridges can be found when purchasing cartridges in sets or photo value packs; these are a great way to save money. Most stores and online retailers offer sets of 3 colours, to which you add a black cartridge to make a full set.  This can dramatically reduce your printing costs. If you are looking more specifically into printing photographs then photo value packs are also a cheap option, adding a pack of photo paper to a set of ink cartridges.  This is a great way to make sure your photos go the distance.

We have found that Warehouse Stationery has the widest range of sets for a wide variety of printers and consequently is the cheapest supplier for genuine ink cartridges.



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